A visit from Indian Sisters

Sisters from Rome

Sr. Nancy Maria and Sr. Jisi Maria belong to the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC), Thalassery Province, Kerala, India arrived here to our community on September 15th and September 1st respectively to escape from the high temperatures in Rome, to improve their flow of English and to avail of an opportunity to pray with us.

Sr Nancy is a nurse working in St John the Baptist hospital in Rome for 24 years.  She was the Regional Superior of CMC sisters in Italy for the last 3 years.   After this period she was drawn to take some free days as prayer days with us.

For Sr. Jisi Maria it is her third time with us.  She is doing her doctoral studies in the Theology of Consecrated Life at Claretianum –  Institute of Theology of Consecrated Life in Rome.  During her stay, Bro. Eaimonn Kinsella from the Christian Brothers community, which is nearby this community, corrected her thesis for her.  Related to the year of consecrated life she gave a talk on consecrated life.  As part of her study she selected the subject for the talk from the Sacramental Nature of the Church Reflected in the Consecrated Life.

Their experience in Adoration Convent was they say:

Let there be great praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty.  It is with great gratitude and delight that we, Sisters Nancy Maria and Jisi Maria CMC, members of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel from Rome, write these few lines of our lived experience at the Perpetual Adoration Convent Wexford.  For 3 weeks Sr. Nancy and 1 month Sr Jisi were having a unique experience in the convent of Wexford.  We had an experience of Jesus the Good Shepherd leading us to the green pastures and the streams of living waters by living with the holy nuns of this convent.  Our experience is an unforgettable one as we also spent the days here in prayer and retreat.  The atmosphere of this lovely convent was that of heaven for us.  The members are like angels of love and holiness.  They looked after our needs with generosity, care and love from the time we reached here to this very day of departure.  It was a very happy time for us and we will never forget this great gift of the days with our beloved Adoration sisters.

Our stay here enabled us to be with the Lord like Mary, and to listen to him in the serene atmosphere of this contemplative and adoration convent –   it was a unique experience.  We are extremely grateful to each sister of this community and pray that their mission of contemplative prayer and adoration may always bloom with God’s abundant graces.

Indian Sisters who visited Adoration Sisters summer 2015 with their English tutor Brother Eamonn Kinsella

Indian Sisters who visited Adoration Sisters summer 2015 with their English tutor Brother Eamonn Kinsella